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Desmear Intelligent Backwash Filtration System
a. Special metallic filter media to separate the sludge from the chemical
b. Auto Back Wash system
c. Auto Intelligent control
d. Improve the quality of the chemical and reduce maintenance lost
e. Suitable for HDI and micro via holes PCB


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Membrane Cartridge & Backwash Filtration System

  • For precision filtration of Cu & Ni plating chemical
  • High efficiency filtration effect
  • Auto Backwash treatment greatly reduce maintenance and hazard treatment cost
  • Removal of organic decomposition hence increase lifetime of chemical


PI Membrane RTR Plating Equipment

  • Copper plating on PI Membrane surface
  • Use for Car Battery, Glass Curtain Wall and Car Windshield


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Plasma Cleaning Machine

  • Eight Head Atmosphere Plasma Cleaning Machine
  • Vacuum Plasma Cleaning Machine


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Treatment System for Waste Water of Dry Film Stripping, Developing & Solder Mask Process

  • Tremendously reduce the COD (~70%) and Cu content (>80%) of the wastewater
  • Reduce massive hazardous waste handling cost


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